Have outstanding coffee no matter where you travel. If you stay in hotels or camp this package will boost your spirits when it comes to making the best coffee. Great gift for yourself or that coffee lover in your tribe. CLICK HERE to visit our store.  

Memorial Tag Never Forget

Front of Memorial Tag This memorial tag comes with a key ring and chain necklace so you can either wear it or use it for a key ring. A great gift for those who have lost friends or family in our nation’s conflicts. Container with graphics pictured also included. Order today for Memorial Day.  


Many Americans take their freedom for granted. Some even hold disdain for the men and women who serve in our military, a military that thus far has kept America free from tyranny. We are not a perfect nation and our freedoms are often threatened from within, but we must never forget our blessed freedom.  


Grunt’s delight is a smooth coffee with an outstanding aftertaste. You can help veterans in need from all wars by purchasing from our store. We share sales with effective veteran help organizations on all of our products. Dog tags begin at $10.99 ($2.00 to veterans).


Battle Brew Coffee Company shares sales with veterans from all branches and all wars. Our mission is to help them because they first served us. For every pound of coffee sold we share $2.00 and at least 20% shares from our other products.

Very Cooool National Anthem

Battle Brew Coffee shares sales with veterans. Visit our store for great coffee and other products we share sales with. Grunt’s delight is a smooth coffee that offers a great after taste. Smoother than a grunt stuck in a fox hole, but smooth grunts never save our freedoms.


  I refrain from commenting on this journalistic report on how firing a rifle made him anxious and irritable. However I welcome your comments on this post. However we should be grateful that there are men and women who can handle the stress of firing a weapon and save their anxiety and irritation after the …