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Pledge To The 2nd

Sadly once again the right to keep and bear arms is under assault by those who think that gun control will stop the evil stalking this country. Every timeline in history shows the disarming of the people has lead to killing fields and tyranny. We can make our public safer by  addressing the root causes, not passing more laws. Murder by any means is already against the law and if it is not the gun it is the knife, the bomb, the vehicle that will be used by those sick in their soul and evil in their heart.

We must pledge to ourselves and to our nation that the 2nd Amendment is as sacred as any right provided and fought for by the framers of our constitution. Since those days many have fought and died to protect our freedoms and we must never allow their service become a waste land of lost freedoms.

Show your support for the 2nd Amendment and our freedoms. We share sales with the Semper Fi Fund, a fund that aids those who have sacrificed from all branches of the military.

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