About Battle Brew & Patriot Shopper’s Club



The Battle Brew Coffee Company was formed by C. Wayne Standiford with the purpose of sharing sales with veterans in need. For every product  sold Battle Brew will donate 10% to either the Semper Fi Fund or to organizations that fight to maintain our freedoms. Specifically those who understand that guns are not the problem but rather our sick and demented society. At the end of each month we will decided who can benefit most with our donations.

Mr. Standiford is a Marine Veteran who served with 3rd Recon/3rd Marines during the Vietnam War. Honorably discharged Mr. Standiford understands the challenges of reentering civilian life. For those seriously wounded or hurt in the service of our nation the challenges are much heavier and we must find ways to ease their burdens with our time, our money and our prayers.

As you know there is a serious movement to restrict and even confiscate certain weapons that come under the definition of “assault weapons”. Here at Battle Brew Coffee we believe the founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment not for the purpose recreation shooting, but rather that we the people would have access to weapons for the sole purpose of defense of home and property and the defense against a tyrannical government. Many have fought and died for our liberty and the battle is brewing to remove many of our freedoms.

Because they first served us, we now serve them.” Is Battle Brew’s mission and motto.

When you join the shopper’s club you will receive special pricing on all of our products. As a member you will have a special discount code that you can apply to each purchase.

Here is a partial list of products we will be offering:

  • Whole bean coffee
  • coffee mugs
  • engraved silver products
  • nitrogen infused coffee equipment
  • gift boxes for men and women
  • laser engraved leather products
  • survival products
  • digital products
  • on-line courses
  • pet products
  • camping products
  • 2nd Amendment products
  • t-shirts and hoodies
  • custom photo product

To join for the small membership fee of $9.99 click on the subscribe button below. As a charter member your subscription fee will never be raised. No contract just month to month and you can cancel anytime. After you subscribe you will the be taken to a page where your permanent coupon code is listed. This code will work on all products in our store and from time to time we will send you special codes for even more savings.

We will make every effort to offer you money saving deals and offers to help enhance your life. Check out our special bonus for members only below!


Join today and get this 30-30 2ND AMENDMENT engraved cartridge key ring for 50% off.  Listed price is $14.00 but for new members only $7.00 and free shipping.This offer expires soon to take action now.

If for any reason you are not sent to the page where your coupon code is stored just e-mail me at cws_2@hotmail.com and I will send it to you ASAP. You can also call me at 877-888-5961 for your code or any questions you have.

Non member price $14.00 for one pound of delicious coffee beans. Member price $12.60 on all of our coffee blends

CLICK HERE to see more of our products  or on the store button to see the entire store inventory. More items are added regularly.